Laya makes a difference in empowering marginalized communities

Sustainable Resource Management

The Scheduled areas are resource rich with an annual average rainfall of more than 1100 mm/year. However due to exploitative conditions the adivasi communities remain cash poor and hence are vulnerable to market deviations and climate changes. Moreover, forest areas are being degraded due to mono cultivation practices and indiscriminate cutting of NTFP for market demands. This has resulted in a general loss of biodiversity in the region as several of the medicinal plants are becoming less and less available.

Promotion of Sustainable Farming

LAYA enables communities to diversify cropping practices, improve agriculture productivity and attain food security by introducing value-added farming technologies in their lands, outreaching approximately 10000 farmer households across four districts of Andhra Pradesh. Some of our interventions involve the following:

Promotion of Biodiversity

Simultaneously, efforts are made to promote biodiversity in the area through cropping patterns and regeneration of Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) on degraded lands. Our interventions include:

'BIODIVERSITY CONSERVER AWARD’ from the Government of Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board

LAYA was honored with the ‘BIODIVERSITY CONSERVER AWARD’ from the Government of Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board on the International Day for Biological Diversity - 2019.

LAYA was recognized for its work in three areas:

  • Revitalization of Community Herbal Based Health Care
  • Action research projects for biodiversity conservation
  • Promotion of biodiversity in agriculture, horticulture, forest regeneration and pisciculture

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