Laya makes a difference in empowering marginalized communities


Laya is governed by a General Body comprising 16 General Body Members from academic and development practice and a Board of Management (BoM) comprising 7 elected members. The BoM meets four times a year and the General Body of Laya meets once a year. The BoM meeting is preceded as a general practice by a one-day substantive workshop comprising the members of the BoM as well as senior management and coordinators of Laya Resource Centre. One of the meetings of the BoM, in a year, includes field exposure and critical reflection on programme activities.

General Body

Board Management

  • Ms. Nandini Narula | President
  • Dr. Nafisa Goga D’Souza | Secretary
  • Mr. Sanjay Khatua | Treasurer
  • Dr. Lata Narayan | Member
  • Ms. Mani Mistry Elavia | Member
  • Dr. Ritesh P Khunyakari | Member
  • Ms. N V Rama, Member | Member

Consultative Status : UN Economic and Social Council
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